Travel Report: Dubai&Abu Dhabi – Luxury Nightlife

Quick-Jump to Dubai.

While Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the largest emirate Dubai is the poster child.

Dubai holds more world records and most of the impressive and luxurious buildings of the UAE – it’s in multiple ways in direct competition with Las Vegas.

In a sense Dubai is Abu Dhabis little brother Click To Tweet

But it’s the famous little brother to whos international reputation Abu Dhabi hat tried to advance to in the last couple of years – including a grand feature in the Sex and the City 2 movie.

So when one imagines the Dubaian nightlife and thinks of gold platters and cutlery, high skyscrapers at the sea and desert camps with belly-dancers – one is absolutely right.

Of course, especially the belly dancers are solely for tourists, but if you get the pleasure of dining at the Burj al Arab you can maybe meet an oil tycoon.

The problem with dining at the Burj al Arab is just that it’s very exclusive.
And by “exclusive”, I hereby mean that it is a hotel that only offers the most luxurious suites starting at 1.300€…a night!

I guess that tells you something about their clientel…

But while the rooms are nearly untouchable for us mere mortals, you can book appointments for tea, breakfast and/or dinner if you feel extra fancy.

And if you don’t, you will definetly afterwards.

First, you have to pass a gate guarded by several security guards in order to drive up the private bridge towards the impressive sail-shaped building where you will be greeted by two butlers, who will guide you into the building.

When you booked a dining appointment, you will be guided through the lobby, past the incredible fountain up the stairs and into one of the dining rooms.

While “buffet” might not seem fitting for a 5* hotel which has gold pillars (they are covered in REAL gold), let me just tell you that it offers lobster.

And it’s not just…lobster, because that would be too ordinary…
They offer you a special type of deep-sea lobster that is only available for a special amount of time and in a special location.

Together with caviar, other delicacies and a service that would carry you to your seat, if you asked them to, it’s definetly noteworthy.

But dining isn’t the only thing an ongoing prince/princess can do there as they also offer cocktails in their Sky-lounge.

“Sky” is very fitting in this instance, since the lounge is hanging over the sides of the building and they could have called it Fly-Lounge if one wouldn’t think of airport lounges.

But remember: alkohol is INCREDIBLY expencive in the UAE (a 0,25l beer is 5€, if you can find one) and even forbidden in some emirates

While fine dining happens at the Burj al Arab…

The real nightlife happens at the Dubai Marina. Click To Tweet

With the majority of clubs and a stunning skyline the Dubai Marina is not only at night a definite must.

It is featuring the Princess Tower, which was the highest residential tower until 2014, and the Cayan Group Tower – the one with the 90° twist…

So if you ever get the chance to take a boat on a dining tour through the Dubai Marina…


Not only the food is absolutely delicious, you also sit front row in the center of middle-eastern nightlife.

And if you’re lucky you might even be in the right place at the right time to whitness evening prayers at the Dubai Marina Mosque.

Sorry for the low quality, but the feeling you’ll get is amazing…

We were two of the lucky few and it was amazing – just listen!

But dining isn’t the only thing one can do to experience arabian nightlife.

What about a safari? And a desert camp? With belly dancers?

Let me tell you all about it:

First of all – it’s so much better than a roller-coasters!
And let me tell you this as someone who dispises roller-coasters.

Not only because of the stunning view and fun, but also because of what comes after the ride.

Your destination is a desert camp – admittedly not in the rural, dreamy way, but it’s for your own comfort equipped with real sanitary facilities.
And both of the ones we have visited offered incredible food and free services like Hanna-Tattoos (please leave a generous tip though, some people depend on it)

It’s so much better than anything you can imagine, but at the same time, it is nothing like you imagine it.

Because the way one normally imagines a desert safari is in the Disney-way which is, as so many other Disney induces prejudices, not at all accurate.

There won’t be a trail of camels, no ride into the sunset.

What definetly will be there are loads of heavy duty 8v Toyota SUVs that are solely sold in the UAE for driving in the desert – and it’s so much fun

Jeep safari at sundown

And the good thing is that it’s definetly not the most expensive thing on this list.

So if you want an adventure, great pictures, a better than a roller-coaster ride and great food just book a desert safari at one of the resellers (there are plenty of them) or ask at your hotel.

I guess that’s it for Part 2 of this Travel Report: Dubai&Abu Dhabi series
But there’ll be at least one more part and a guide on travelling specifically the UAE…

So follow me on Twitter down bewlow to be updated when new posts drop!



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